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Q: Can you publish my video on this site to showcase my skills?

A: Yes. Provided you are legally permitted to upload good quality footage of you in action, it is possible that we may be able to showcase it via MyFirstAgent as part of a proposed video section. Drop us a line with the Youtube link if you want to be considered for inclusion in this project when it goes live (full details TBC).

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How can I get a Football Trial with My First Agent?

By submitting your Football CV to My First Agent you are providing yourself with opportunity. If you are successful in finding a Football Agent that's right for you, they will find the best chances for you to make your way up the career ladder, namely by securing your place in Football Trials. Most players are selected for trials through scouts watching amateur games, but it's not easy to know when or where this will happen, and you may well have been monitored by a scout already, unaware and not on top form. With a football agent it is easier to skip this process and deal with a club directly as they often have connections with professional clubs and their opinions are valued (and as such their belief in you as a player).

As you are probably aware, if you are put on Trial with a professional club and prove yourself as a valuable player then it is very likely you will earn a place in their squad. It may take you a few times at different trial matches before you are accepted, but the more clubs you are seen by the higher your chances of becoming a professional.

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